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Cell Group

It is easy to get lost in the crowd at a large worship gathering, but everyone needs to be known. Joining a small group is the best way to find life-long meaningful relationships as you grow in your walk with Jesus.

What to Expect









The Importance of Cell Groups in CGMC

(Please click on the Video below to play with sound)

Additional Items on Zoom Meeting

PowerPoint Takeaway from Demo 

PowerPoint of the main points (with links) of the demo on "How to Host Zoom Meetings held on 16 April 2020

Starting Zoom on phone

A video on a simple way to use Zoom on an Android phone. 
Step 1: Install Zoom from the Play Store. 
Step 2: Join a Zoom meeting via an invite.  (Note that the audio when I was running in Zoom is much softer than the other parts of the video)

Starting Zoom on the PC

Instructions on using Zoom on the Personal Computer in a document format

More articles on Zoom will be added here as the need arises

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