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It is easy to get lost in the crowd at a large worship gathering, but everyone needs to be known. Joining a small group is the best way to find life-long meaningful relationships as you grow in your walk with Jesus.


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The Importance of Cell Groups in CGMC

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Young Adult

ZL: Dr Wong Lai Yin

CG4 - Dr Wong Lai Yin

         - Intern - Christina Wong

         - Intern - Lee Fook Leong

         - Intern - Tai Choo Suai

CG21 - Wan Ching Peter

          - Intern - Esther Tan

CG26 - Sarah Booth

          - Intern - Chew Kar Leng

          - Intern - Dr Looi Chui Li

Middle Age

ZL: Dr Su Too Kiat

CG15 - Mr Chong Him Shoong

          - Intern - Mr Samuel Teh

CG16 - Mr Lee Hock Hin

CG20 - Mrs Julie Liew

           - Intern - Dr Cheah Sene Kar

CG32 - Mr Wong Tuck Sung


ZL: Miss Kwok Pui Ling

CG1 - Susan Liew
CG2 - Dato Percy Muttiah / Ann
CG5 - Edmund Chan
CG18 - Kwok Pui Ling

Young Adult with Family

ZL: Dr S.S. Gill

CG22 - Albert Loh
CG30 - Dr Basel Ebernesan

ZL: Mr Daniel Teh

CG10 - Tham Lai Meng

           - Intern - Lee Nyit Kean

CG12 - David Ho

          - Intern - Joy Danen 

CG33 -  Daniel Teh

           - Intern - Leo Yee

ZL: Mrs Shirley Lim

CG3 - Jennifer Liew
CG14 - Aaron Lim
CG24 - Rodney Ong
CG29 - Ong Lee Li
CG31 - Lee Kee Huat

ZL: Mr Alan Seow

CG11 - Choy Kam Lee

          - Intern - Yoon Kwai Yoong

CG25 -  Alan Seow

           - Intern - Cheng Hon Keong

CG27 - Leonard Lim 

ZL: Mr Aw Peck Chin

CG8 - Mr Yeoh Kit Koon
CG19 - Mrs Lim Kim Bee
CG23 - Mr Aw Peck Chin


ZL: Mr Cheng Heng Wah

CH 2 - Tiang Chong Wei

          - Intern - Karen Lee Tsyr Wen

CH 6 - Lee Pooi Lai

          - Intern - Ng Kwek Foong

CH 8 - Tan Yaw Hui

         - Intern - Gideon 

         - Intern - Ng Kwek Foong 

CH 10 - Wan Wai Chi &

              Koo Yoke Foong, Clarice

CH 12 - Kuah Ah Hong

Bahasa Malaysia 

ZL: Pastor Richard

BM1 - En. Rahiem / Pn Norizan
BM2 - En. Carlos / En. Raibon
BM3 - En. Darrel / Pn Agus
BM4 - Pn Rita / Pn Elis
BM5 - En. Kenny / Pn. Normalina
BM6 - Pn Teh Amna
BM7 - Cik Auryn

ZL: Mr Tang Khai Kit

CG6 - Shu Yeoh Khoon

CG7 - Annie Pon  

         - Intern - Ding Bik Hing

CG9 - Dr Mini Thomas

CG13 - Anne Khoo

           - Intern - Tan Khoon Chor

ZL: Mdm Yoong Ai Lean

CH 3 - Yoong Ai Lean 

          - Intern - Sandy Wu Che Sun

CH 5 - Ong Hong Kian & Ng Sow Kuan 

CH 11 - Doris Cheng Gaik Lan

Youth (Methodist Youth Fellowship)

Form 5 - Ong Joo Lee & Benjamin Chai
Form 4 - Lee Guo Zhang 
Form 3 - Lim Gueh Im & Thurston Foo
Form 2 - Loh Xiu Kin & Wong Fay Ling
Form 1 - Loh Xiu Ming & Daniel Leo

ZL: Dr Philip Ho

CG17 - Lee Weng Woh 
CG35 - Dr Philip Ho
CG37 - Mark Chen C W


ZL: Mr Tan Aik Meng

CH1 - Caroline How Kim Yuan

CH4 - Tan Aik Meng

        - Intern - Chin Ah Lan

CH7 - Tan Aik Meng

        - Intern - Wong Yoke Leng

CH9 - Kuah Ah Hong

        - Intern - Jenny Khor

ZL: Mr Wan Sai Pun

CG28 - Cheah Kok Wah

           - Intern - Jess Loh

ZL: Rev Dr Andrew Tan

CG34 - Lim Gueh Im

           - Intern - Lee Guo Zhang


Additional Items on Zoom Meeting

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PowerPoint of the main points (with links) of the demo on "How to Host Zoom Meetings held on 16 April 2020

Starting Zoom on phone

A video on a simple way to use Zoom on an Android phone. 
Step 1: Install Zoom from the Play Store. 
Step 2: Join a Zoom meeting via an invite.  (Note that the audio when I was running in Zoom is much softer than the other parts of the video)

Starting Zoom on the PC

Instructions on using Zoom on the Personal Computer in a document format

More articles on Zoom will be added here as the need arises



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