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Hope Haemodialysis Society

Giving hope to patients to live better quality lives and experience God’s love


In the year 2000, God placed a burden in the heart

of the then Lay Leader of CGMC, Dr Su Too Kiat, for the patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. These patients require dialysis three times a week to survive and many people cannot afford the treatment provided in private centres. Furthermore the government hospitals do not have enough facilities to cater for the tremendous demand for dialysis services. Dr Su shared his concerns with the CGMC leadership and after seeking God’s guidance through prayer, CGMC decided to move on by faith into this area to serve this special needy segment of the community.

As a result, Hope Haemodialysis Society was registered in 2001 with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia, and had the first AGM in 2002. This society is a Non Governmental Organisation, set up by members from Canning Garden Methodist Church. The centre started operations in February 2003 at 43 Jalan Lasam, a rented bungalow house which had been renovated to cater to 12 dialysis machines. The staff are qualified medical personnel, employed by the centre, but the board members are all volunteers from CGMC.


The mission statement of the centre is “Giving hope to patients to live better quality lives and experience God’s love”. In the last 15 years that we have been in operation, many patients have passed through our centre. All have benefitted from the generosity of donors from our church as well as other charitable organizations. Some have responded and received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour as a result of being touched by the church’s acts of love and kindness. In addition to providing dialysis at a non-profit cost, our welfare fund also helps patients who need subsidies to receive additional injections and medications. Our church members also come to visit the patients at the centre and we invite the patients and families to church every year to celebrate Christmas in the form of Hope Family Day.


In 2015 Brother Lee Tong Pheng and his wife Cheng See from our church approached the board with a proposal. They felt that God was leading them to offer their “House of Peace” at a special price to Hope. This would enable us to have a permanent place which would also be nearer to CGMC so that the church members could be even more involved in this ministry. The board prayed about it and unanimously agreed that this was the direction that God was leading us. By God’s grace and with the generosity of CGMC members we were able to raise the amount of money required to purchase the centre as well as renovate it according to the Health Ministry’s specificationsand to equip it with new machines. It was timely as some of our machines were already past their prime, having been used for more than 10 years.

The process of shifting was not simple. We had to apply for the necessary permits and wait for approval from the local authorities as well as the Health Ministry. We praise God that in His time, all these approvals came through and renovations commenced in December 2016.The renovations progressed well and was completed by mid 2017.

We shifted to our new premises in end of 2017.Throughout the past 17 years from the time the vision was cast till now, we can see God working. He is the one who opens doors for us, provides us with the volunteers and donations. It is indeed a joy to see lives being touched and transformed by this ministry and how the church is putting Christ’s love into action. We are grateful to all who have helped to make this ministry a success in one way or another.

Most of all we wish to give all glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ who makes all things possible.

For more information on the centre please contact our administrator Ms Daisy Chew at No 6 Persiaran Asrama Ipoh Perak Tel 05-5469600.

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